Salutations, traveler

Welcome to the KONO devlog! As you may have already noticed, KONO stands for “Kingdom of No One”. We will often be using the abbreviation for readability’s sake… You’ll thank me later.

We are really excited about the venture that is this devlog, as we will be having the chance to share with you the thinking process that our team is going through to design the game. These log entries will consistently contribute in our traceability process and most importantly be a bridge to interact with people that would potentially be interested in the game. The technical state of the blog is still in its earliest days, thus, you can expect incoming changes and improvements.

Who are we?

INSTEAD is a software and indie game development company started in 2017 with a crew of people determined to contribute to the richness that is the video games industry.

Our motto

Video games are experiences that can be lived in any daily life situation as much as behind a game pad. We at INSTEAD, are tirelessly aiming to create experiences that would make you run to your friends trying to make them try it. Experiences that make you excited when you find them as a common interest with new encounters. We don’t just aim to deliver you a game to play, but an experience to live.