Game design: The game loop

Let’s take a look at what you will spend most of the time doing in a kingdom that is merely the shadow of its former self. The following diagram will help us have an initial idea.

The world map

As a traveler you will obviously be doing a lot of traveling, more concretely hopping from one area to another. In the map, areas are presented as hexagons. So it is safe to say that an area has a maximum of 6 neighbors and a minimum of 1.

The areas

Each area is characterized by two variables:

Biome: The type of landscape that you will be traveling through (mountains, plains, forest, town, etc.)

Weather: The weather of the area (cold, regular, hot)

The combination of the two will give us something like “cold mountains” or “hot town”. Therefore, depending on this combination, the pool of events that can happen in there will vary. As you can see in the diagram, areas are split between two categories, towns and wild areas. This categorization is based on the type of content present in each area.

Example of some area tiles in the world map

Wild areas

Whether it is mountains, plains or forests, you will most of the time be presented with an event that may or may not lead to a battle depending on your choices. Therefore, you will find your carriage and crew members settled, planning for their next move. At this point you have two choices. You can stay longer in the area and further search your surroundings or just check your world map for the next area.


A safe haven for getting your party in shape after a perilous chunk of travel. You will have the possibility to use its 3 main attractions which are:

The tavern: This is the place of gathering in the town, you will find many sorts of folks in here. Mercenaries to hire or just people that you can talk with. Heated as it is, interacting with people can potentially lead to an event. Last but not least, you can also replenish your food supplies.

The shop: This is where you can gear up your crew as well as buy consumables such as potions, throwing knives, etc.

The stable: This is where you take care of your transportation vehicle. Ah! Yes you do have a vehicle composed of a carriage and a horse, weird I thought I had already mention that. Anyway, your vehicle is your best friend and worst enemy. In one hand, it has the potential to greatly help with your ability to sustain your travel. In the other hand, if your vehicle is destroyed, Hence, in here you can buy new carriages and horses or repair/heal what you already have.

The battle

As for the battle system, I’d rather consecrate an entry devoted to it so I do not overcharge this one. You can find it here.