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Kingdom of No One is a full fledged RPG/Rogue-like game that will actually tell you a story in which you won't stop digging anytime soon! Many agree that Rogue-likes might not be the best format for a story driven game, due to the more than present die and retry mechanism. Well, not if that mechanism is an important part of the story. No run is a lost one!

Playing as an old destitute king traveling through the kingdom he once ruled, you will have to be more than prepared for this perilous journey. You can call on allies to assemble your escort, whether it is a muscle for hire only allegiant to his gold pouch or a chivalrous warrior fighting for a cause, you decide. Resource management will be at the rendezvous, whether it is food to keep your crew standing on their feet or gold to be prepared for an unexpected turn of events. You will also have to keep the king resolved enough for him to be willing to face what has to come. Many events will present themselves to you which will make you reconsider your plans and traveling strategy. If you love games with a great story, memorable characters, rich exploration and challenging events... Kingdom of No One is the experience for you!


  • Modern pixel art graphics capturing the charm of retro games while meeting the standards of today.
  • A rich story that you will never stop discovering.
  • Non-linear exploration! You will always feel like you've missed something.
  • Memorable characters all over your journey.
  • A unique and challenging battle system. Assemble your crew with a strategy in mind. For you will be facing unprecedented threats!
  • Many items and equipments to work with! Do not expect the rarest ones to be on the side of the road.
  • Interesting events that will engage your decision making.

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"No Waste, No Nimiety" was the creed of the Alexander lineage. 51 wise kings working toward a common vision where no one would sleep with a growling belly or wake up without a mean to feed it. A kingdom that weights its people over their actions and intentions regardless of the origins of one's blood. Such a feat was considered unworldly by the old people. But the unworldly was not out of reach for the Alexanders. For they unified the totality of the continent under one banner. Whether it is the untamable tribes of the north or the overly ambitious merchants of the south, none was spared admiration and approval toward the Alexanders ruling one after the other over the centuries.

Such turn of events was not a mere coincidence. When an Alexander is proclaimed king, instead of a crown, the ring of wisdom is bestowed upon him. A ring with unworldly powers indeed. When a king wears it, all of his experiences from that moment on, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, will be stored in the ring of wisdom while inheriting those of his ancestors. for the Alexanders believed more in the legacy of knowledge than that of the riches.

Alexander the 52nd saw himself being crowned king at a very young age due to his father's unsuspected death. Not having the proper guidance and initiation, the 52nd did not share the same vision as his ancestors. As he craved to make a name for himself not just as another king in an interminable cycle of legacy, he deemed that the conquest and demonstration of power were the answer to make him earn his tailored seat in history.

An old woman presented herself in front of the young king foretelling that there were only two paths that the young man could cross. Whether he follows the steps of his fathers and end up to be just another leaf in the tree, or actually seek his ambitions and have a seat tailored just for him. For that to happen, the young king had to give the Ring of Wisdom to the old lady and never think about it again. He gladly did.

Devoid of the only thing that his ancestors entrusted him with, Alexander the 52nd realized that being a king was more of a curse than a blessing. Injustice loomed over the kingdom. Riches left those who are most in need to take shelter with those who are drowned in greed.

After decades of ruling under Alexander the 52nd, decadence was at its peak. Being certain that the only future left for the kingdom was of desolation and demise. The High Council of Five decided to overthrow Alexander and exile him in a rotting castle. Now known as Alexander the Tarnished King, he realized that he and the fortune teller were not referring to the same seat. Being the old man that he became, he now has only left in this world, but to atone for his sins.

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INSTEAD is a software and indie game development company started in 2017 with a crew of people determined to contribute to the richness that is the video games industry.

Video games are experiences that can be lived in any daily life situation as much as behind a gamepad. We at INSTEAD, are tirelessly aiming to create experiences that would make you run to your friends trying to make them try it. Experiences that make you excited when you find them as a common interest with new encounters. We don't just aim to deliver you a game to play, but an experience to live.